Here’s our fabulous lineup for

Oakfest 24

We’re delighted to announce Marie and Sarah from Hand Talking will be signing the Main Stage

Main StageAcoustic Stage


School Drummers


DJ Deep

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Threefalling are an Oxfordshire based trio who predominantly perform a diverse selection of covers spanning a range of genres with the odd original here and there!
They have developed an easy listening style with beautiful country soul vocals and a delicate blend of melodic piano and guitar. The trio especially love performing in intimate settings.


The Vibe

The Vibe are Tanya, Kev, Phil and Guy. Their set lists have evolved other the years from mainly funk/soul and now includes rock, new, maybe a little country but of course with a slightly different vibe. So come and join the party, smile and get dancing.


Trio of Ukes

The Trio Of Ukes have enjoyed playing together for four years. Over the last year we have played on every lock on the Oxford canal for fun and collecting for prostate cancer.



- Its the 80's - they want their songs back!
Carlsberg don't do pop/rock covers bands - but if they did...
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Ellis Bloom

West London based artist Ellis Bloom serves up a range of genres from folk rock and acoustic blues to psychedelic rock and emotional ballads, all while keeping grounded with chilled, melodic chords and experimental guitar licks. His debut album Stupor presents these genres beautifully in this self produced 12 track LP. His acoustic sets often include a mix of his own material and indie covers.


Treble 21

A Berkshire/Hampshire based country band who perform lively songs as an acoustic trio or full band set up.
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Kiera Gabrielle

Kiera is a captivating performer. She has a talent for writing raw and meaningful songs based on her personal life experiences.


None of the Above

A band made up solely of like-minded individuals based in the Oxford area who came together purely to play music and have a good time. Eclectic tastes ranging from disco, soul, rock/pop and indie, hopefully something to suit everyone's tastes.


Neil Wetherell & Vanessa Kemp

Neil and Vanessa are a semi-acoustic music duo from rural Oxfordshire.


Groove Driver

5 piece funk/Jam band


Scott Watson

I am a guitarist and Singer/Songwriter who has been playing since around the age of 18. My music tastes are very varied with a good love for all genres. I have been writing for about 10 years now, but never really done anything with my songs up until recently.
Writing is something that I have dabbled with on and off, but when lockdown came around there was no excuse not to pursue it.
Most of my life evolves around Music, I work for a production company called Class Act which do everything from weddings to big award nights, I also play guitar for a blues/rock covers band called Cherry Smoke and we enjoy playing everything from pubs to car rallies.
Up & Down from A to B is was my first EP with 6 songs which is all original music. Just recently I recorded a new single "In Custody" which is available from 22nd March 2024.
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Far From The City

Classic rock and pop covers, plus some original material from some young, talented lads.


DJ Deep

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Bad Hombre

Bad Hombre are a band for all seasons - Rock, Pop, Punk & New Wave, Surf and Rockabilly Country...
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DJ Deep

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A band that has once been described, “The Band With No Name” will take you on a rock journey which may change your life, and not always for the better! What they lack in musical ability they make up in good looks and charm. They will be loud, they will be punctual, and they will be over with before you know it.